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From GSK Parents

My 2 sons have gone to Gil sports for a combined total of 9 years. Not only have they had a wonderful time playing a variety of sports, but under the guidance of his staff their skills have vastly improved. Gil has created a community of kids that stay close even as their classmates change over the years. My children love the counselors and feel that they make each activity fun. As a parent, I have always been confident that my children were well supervised and that appropriate safety measures were in place. Gil has always been willing to work with me to accommodate my needs in terms of scheduling, pick-ups and drop offs. Most importantly, when my children are with Gil, I know they are well cared for, having fun and in good hands.

- Ellen Cammer, parent of Harry

Where else can you find an after school program that picks your child up at school and drops them off at your home? Only at Gilsports!! This program has been a godsend for my two sons and me. Both of my kids learned how to ice skate and I could never have taught them that, but Gil did. The atmosphere is warm and fun filled with counselors who are positive role models and who help to keep the kids safe and happy. My boys have been going since Kindergarten and now that my oldest is in 5th grade, I wonder how we will manage without Gilsports for him next year. This program has been a great way to learn how to play sports with friends while making new friends. It has been an invaluable experience and Gil is a great guy willing to accommodate parents needs while also meeting the needs of the children each afternoon.

- Rachel Malinowitzer, parent of Nathaniel & Isaiah Barr

We have been a "Gilsports family" for years and the greatest fans are our 9 year old twin boys who are always on the run and love to keep moving! To them Gilsports means "fun."

My husband and I are both NYC independent school educators and learned about Gil from our neighbors and respective institutions. The program came highly recommended and was quickly endorsed by our boys.

The vacation program has helped us on many occasions and our boys participate in the weekly after school classes that offer a variety of seasonal sports and activities. The program builds confidence and self esteem as it teaches skills and good sportsmanship.

Gil is great with the children and works with a competent and caring staff of counselors. Supervision is a priority with a high counselor/student ratio and the bottom line is that we know that our children are always safe. Communication is excellent and the transportation is well coordinated.

Gilsports is a valuable piece of our children's after-school enrichment. We have come to rely on it and are very grateful to have it. Thank you Gil .

- Adele de Biasi

Dear Gil,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me last week, it is always a pleasure. Kathryn is certainly enjoying her Wednesdays with you. I love the fact that she comes home happy and pleasantly tired. It is a 'nice tired' after a day of concentrating in school.

Both as a parent and Pediatrician I love your program. It is well balanced and fun. I think its a great way for kids to have fun and unwind afterschool. They don't realize how much they are learning, not only about sports but about teamwork and leadership. I loved Kathryn's comments about "it's not easy being the captain, everyone wants something!". Everyone says "It's not about winning or losing it's how you play the game" etc. etc. BUT with your program that old cliché really is true. Carl has been a 'sports kid' for awhile but I am especially enjoying the fact that Kathryn is now quite proud of her athletic abilities. Though she won't admit it I know she is looking forward to Basketball and getting her turn in an area which had been her brother's domain.

As a pediatrician I know how important for all children to remain active but I think girls especially benefit from sports in the pre puberty and puberty years. In those inwardly turbulent times they can be proud of their bodies accomplishments in the sports arena. I am glad Kathryn enjoys her time with you so much there is no issue about her continuing.

As a mom I love the fact they get delivered to our door happy and hungry. (She eats better on Wednesday nights!).

I have been happy to wholeheartedly recommend your program and I would be proud to serve as a reference if any parent has questions.

All the Best,
Vicki Papadeas, MD.

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